10 tertiary health facilities and 6 cancer centers planned to enhance healthcare and medical tourism in Kenya


Nairobi, KENYA, 15 September 2017 -The government is planning to develop 10 tertiary care referral facilities to improve access of healthcare to Kenyans.

The Health Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Cleopa Mailu disclosed that the government aims to transform Nairobi to a medical tourism destination through construction of six other cancer treatment centres, paediatric and burns hospital and mother and child hospital within Kenyatta National Hospital.

This will enable patients get quality services within the country while at the same time attract foreigners, said Dr.Mailu on Friday during the launch of the second phase of trachoma eradication programme at the Lions Eye Hospital in Nairobi.

The CS speech was read by the Ministry of Health Chief Ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Gichangi. “The Government aims to significantly transform health care in Kenya. The Managed Equipment Project, the Free Maternity Program now dubbed “Linda mama” and the Beyond Zero Campaign are some of the flagship projects that we have started and are now bearing fruits,” he stressed.

The CS noted that the country established the actual burden of Trachoma in some counties in 2004. “The findings were alarming with some districts like Samburu having as high as 35% for Active Trachoma and 6.0% for Blinding Trachoma,” he noted.Other surveys later revealed even higher burden in some districts like Turkana which had 42%-Active Trachoma and 8.2% for Blinding Trachoma. Trachoma is considered to be a public health problem if the active disease is over 10 % and blinding disease if over 1%.

“This calls for coordinated intensive interventions, like The SAFE strategy which entails Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial Cleanliness and Environmental Improvement,” he emphasized.

Dr. Mailu added that the country is moving towards the elimination phase of trachoma and more emphasis will be put on interventions around facial cleanliness and environmental improvement.

He said “Focus will be on addressing the risk factors to sustain the gains made and to avoid re-emergence of the disease.” He emphasized that the Ministry is focussing on Community Health high impact interventions as flagship projects to ensure that the risk factors for all diseases are addressed at earliest and lowermost level to give real and long lasting impacts.