Enhancing access to quality healthcare for the Deaf Community


Nairobi Monday February 27,2023

The Principal Secretary (PS), Ministry of Health, State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, Dr. Josephine Mburu today met with representatives from the Kenya National Association of the Deaf (KNAD) led by Project Coordinator Eunice Mboya to discuss health matters affecting the deaf community.

The conversation focused on making the assessment equipment (BERA) easily accessible to the deaf community at county levels. Additionally, they explored the possibility of including the assessment under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) benefit package for both Civil servants and ordinary members of the deaf community, as well as sensitization on NHIF enrollment.

The discussion also covered strategies for upholding the privacy and dignity of the community when they seek health services. They explored the possibility of incorporating sign language in the medical training curricular for colleges and universities to ensure that health workers are sufficiently trained to handle deaf clients.

The PS reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring access to quality and affordable health services in a dignified manner for all Kenyans, with a special focus on People Living With Disabilities (PWDs). “We applaud the steps being taken to improve the healthcare sector for the deaf community, and we look forward to seeing these initiatives come to fruition.” She said.