Be civil mental health issues taskforce advise Kenyans

Nairobi (Kenya) January 27, 2020 – The Taskforce on Mental Health Chairman, Dr. Frank Njenga is calling upon Kenyans to adopt civil language while discussing mental health issues.

Dr. Njenga said often people especially the media has been spreading stigma by referring to mentally ill persons as ‘mad people’.

Dr. Njenga made the remarks during the National Convention held at the Kenyatta International Convention Center in Nairobi where several organized groups presented their oral and written submissions on how mental health can be dealt with in the country.

He said the taskforce will vouch for decriminalization of suicide saying those who attempt to take their lives are not criminals but patients who need medical care.

In the public hearing some groups felt that persons aspiring to vie for political office need to submit a report on their mental status before being allowed to occupy the public offices.

The taskforce will hold forums for special groups,  including youth, ministries and government agencies, care givers, non- governmental organizations and professionals before the end of this week.

A total of 330 members of the public attended the open  forum and 60 written memorandums were submitted.

The taskforce is expected to submit its final report to the Cabinet Secretary for Health  on the 28th of  February 2020.