Administration of Pfizer vaccine set to kick off following arrival of specialised syringes

pfizer bionetec syringe

The National accelerated Covid-19 vaccination campaign is set for a boost with the administration of the Pfizer vaccine set to begin next week.
The development follows the expected arrival of 2.2 million specialised syringes that are set to arrive in the country beginning Saturday. The first batch of the syringes with jet in the country on Saturday with the second lot arriving on Sunday with the remainder expected in the country on Monday.
The delay in the administration of the one million Pfizer vaccine doses already in the country, which was a donation from the US government, had been delayed by lack of specialised dead space syringes that are suitable in the inoculation of those seeking to receive the vaccine type.
Pfizer is among five vaccines authorised for use in the country alongside AstraZeneca/Covishield, Moderna, Sinopharm as well as the Johnson and Johnson vaccines.
Kenya had administered 3,811,136 doses by close of business Thursday with 2,897,007 being first doses while the second doses were 914,129 representing 3.4 percent of the country’s entire adult population.
The National accelerated Covid-19 vaccination campaign dubbed, ‘’Kuwa shujaa pata chanjo tufungue nchi’’ targets to have 10 million vaccinations in the next three months, with a mid-term target of 5.8 million vaccinations by Mashujaa day celebrations on 20th of October.
The first phase of vaccination began on 5th March 2021 with county vaccinations kicking off on 8th of March 2021 with the second phase beginning in July.
Phase II of the vaccination plan is prioritizing persons aged 50 and above, frontline workers not reached in the 1st phase, individuals in the hospitality and transport sector, persons with disabilities, individuals aged above 18 with chronic illnesses as well as persons in congregate settings such as prisons, care homes and refugee camps.
The government is targeting to increase daily vaccination rates to 150,000 by December this year. Vaccination posts will also be increased from 800 to 3,000 by December with the number rising to 7,877 by June next year.
The roll out of the national vaccination campaign is being led by the Ministry of Health, with support from WHO, UNICEF, Gavi and other partners.

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