British government donates forensic medical equipment to Kenya

Kenya’s forensic technology capacity received a boost on Wednesday after the British government handed over forensic medical equipment to the Ministry of Health valued at 4.5 million shillings.
While receiving the equipment from the British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Mariot, Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr Rashid Aman said the donation was as a result of the partnership and cordial relations between Kenya and the United Kingdom.
“I acknowledge the support the Government of the United Kingdom is providing to the health sector and the new initiatives in the areas of Kenya-United Kingdom Health Alliance, health labour migration, global health security and response to COVID-19 pandemic among others,” added Dr Aman.

The function held at the Kenyatta National Hospital was attended by representatives from the Judiciary, National Police Service, Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Public Prosecution as well the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights among others.

Dr Aman noted that the equipment, in addition to other support provided, will go a long way in supporting forensic investigations in instances of mass casualties, including those due to terror-related activities and disasters.

The CAS said the role played by forensic medical services to the public health and safety in the country cannot be underestimated.

“We acknowledge the challenges faced by our officers in providing this service, and I wish to recognize their efforts and successes despite the challenges,” he added.

He appealed to all partners to continue supporting various initiatives geared towards addressing these challenges.

Dr Aman noted that the Ministry of Health remains committed to improving forensic medical services especially in the management of victims and bodies due to mass casualties and terror-related activities.