CAS Dr. Aman; confirms 16 new cases of COVID-19 Nairobi, Friday April 24, 2020

The government is cautioning Kenyans, including political leaders to desist from undermining the laid down rules and guidelines to combat COVID-19.

While briefing the media on COVID-19 today the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Health Dr. Rashid Aman, noted that despite the gains made in the war against COVID-19 the government has noticed the creeping back of mass gathering from political meetings in parts of the country.

“While the intention of some of these gatherings could be noble, like what we saw in Meru and Elgeyo Marakwet, the execution violates our social distancing rules that we have been preaching, day in day out,” he said.

The CAS added that the government is continuing to scale up testing, as it’s the only way to identify the scope of the problem and announced that in the last 24 hours, 946 samples have been tested across 12 counties bringing the total number of tests done so far to 16,738.

“From this tests 16 persons have tested positive for Covid-19 disease. We therefore have a total of 336 confirmed cases in the country,” he confirmed.

The 16 were picked out from the communities by the surveillance teams; 11 in Nairobi and 5 in Mombasa. In Nairobi, the 11 cases are spread between Dandora (5), City park (2), Eastleigh (1), Parklands (2) and Pipeline (1). Mombasa’s five cases are in Kiembeni (1), Centi Kumi (1), Stadium (1), Msikiti Nuru (1) and Mulaloni (1).

The CAS also cautioned those who are pushing for full reopening of Courts arguing that this is not the time and also thanked the Judiciary, through the Chief Justice Hon. David Maraga, for exercising restraint in handling this matter.

“The health and safety of our court users comes first, otherwise there will be no one to dispense justice to,” he said and appealed to lawyers to consider the enormity of the danger facing the country.

The CAS also thanked the Judiciary for supporting the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, by upholding the measures put in place by the Government, including social distancing and fumigation of public premises.

He also emphasized the importance of healthy living noting that people with non-communicable diseases conditions such as heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory disorders, among other NCDs are more susceptible to contracting Covid-19 disease.

“We urge persons with these conditions to follow all the precautionary measures for preventing COVID 19, with great discipline by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet such as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, keeping physically active, quitting smoking, limiting or avoiding alcohol intake, and getting enough sleep among others.

The CAS for Agriculture, Ann Nyaga added that the launch of the National COVID-19 Nutrition and Healthy Diet Guidelines is part of the Ministry strategy to intensify the war against COVID-19.

“We as a nation must urgently ensure that every household consumes a healthy diet during the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

She also announced that the government has launched a campaign for 1 million households to establish kitchen vegetable gardens.