CAS Health visits Kwale county as CoVid cases rise to 9,726. Kwale, July 11, 2020

Today, the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi toured Kwale county to assess the level of preparedness in managing COVID-19 disease, as well as to determine what support counties need to adequately confront the pandemic.
The CAS who was received by the area Governor Salim Mvurya and Ag. Director for Health Patrict Amoth
emphasized the importance of sustained cooperation and collaboration between the two levels of Government, including the public, to  fight virus.
“As I have stated severally, we are dealing with an enemy that cannot be confronted by deploying the latest war equipment in our inventory. It is a war that requires we exercise very basic hygiene measures,” he said.
According to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 data the number of positive cases in Kwale County has been reducing. Currently, the total case load in Kwale County is 139, from 1,598 samples. All the positive cases have recovered, except 9 who are currently on Home Based Care.
“I am informed that the 9 are doing well. This low number of infections can be attributed to the restrictions that had been imposed around the county. Now that the restrictions have been lifted, and that we have community infections in some counties, that have close interaction with Kwale, these numbers may go up, unless the people of Kwale jealously guard their County from reversing these gains,” she advised.
She also announced that today 278 people have  tested positive for the virus, which now brings the total number of positive cases to 9,726. This is from a sample size of 1,403run over the last 24 hours, raising the overall number of samples so far tested to 207,987.
Nairobi continues to lead with 5,350
cases followed by Mombasa with 1,722. Kwale which has no case today, is at number 11 with 54 cases. The youngest is a one year old infant, while the oldest is 86. 112 are females and 166 are males.
“I am happy to inform you that today, we have discharged 99 patients from various hospitals, bringing the total number of recoveries to 2,832. l thank all our healthcare workers for this great work, as they continue to care for our people,” she added.
She also announced that three patients have succumbed to the disease, bringing our total fatality to 184 and states that the national Government, is focusing on upgrading the level of readiness in all healthcare facilities, in collaboration with the county governments.
She commended Kwale County for achieving the directive by the President, to established, at least, a 300 bed capacity isolation facility.
Kwale county has surpassed the requirement, with over 424 beds, 84 of which in Msambweni Covid-19 Hospital. In addition, the county has 10 ICU beds and 13 ventilators for patients that may require critical care.
The county has also trained 1,119 healthcare workers on Covid-19 case management besides recruiting over 160 healthcare workers of different cadres under the UHC program for Covid-19 response.
“I want to thank the Governor for this achievement, and it is certainly a demonstration of good leadership,” she added.
She also re-emphasized  the importance of observing the containment measures. “If we have to overcome this virus, you must not relax in this fight. I therefore urge you all to strictly adhere to the infection prevention and control measures, notably Wash your hands with soap and running water, Maintain social and physical distance, Wear face masks in public places at all times, Resist the habit of touching your face and Avoid all forms of gatherings,” she said.