Cuba, 24 April 2018

Cuba, 24 April 2018 -The African Health Strategy which is anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals and AU Development blueprint is key in achieving health for all.Speaking during a plenary session in Cuba where she is on an official working tour, the Cabinet Secretary for Health Sicily Kariuki commended the political will of African leaders towards Health for all and for increasing funding for health across the continent as most countries have a per capita health expenditure of less than 34 US dollars with most people paying for healthcare from their pockets.

She noted that Africa’s burden of communicable diseases remains high and non communicable diseases are still proving to be an emerging threat.

“But there are efforts to strengthen health systems to repond to peoples needs,” she said.

She highlighted Kenya’s efforts in controlling Non Communicable Diseases especially cardiovascular diseases and cancers and noted that issues of NCDs can best be addressed if people adhered to healthy lifestyles.