Cuban health specialists to help build capacity of local teams through knowledge transfer.







Cuban health specialists to help build capacity of local teams through knowledge transfer

Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki has said that the 100 health specialists expected in the country next month will help build capacity of local doctors through knowledge transfer.

Speaking during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Government and County Governments on health collaboration and service provision by medical specialists from the republic of Cuba, the CS revealed that agreements signed between the Kenya and Cuba laid ground for acquisition of 100 Cuban Medical Specialists by the Kenyan Government and the training of 50 Kenyan Medical doctors in Cuba.

“Further 50 Medical Officers from Kenya are to be selected from Counties and sent for training in Cuba. They shall undergo a 2 year post graduate training in Family Medicine and return home as Family Medicine Specialists.” She revealed.

She informed that the Ministry of Health Kenya will collaborate with the Cuba Ministry of Public Health in Malaria vector Control, Training of nurses and clinical officers and research for HIV vaccine and Hepatitis B as part of the efforts towards ensuring attainment of Universal Health Coverage in the Kenya.


Ms Kariuki revealed that the 100 Cuban medical specialists expected in the country next month shall be deployed to work with the existing medical teams in the counties for a period of two years. She said that the doctors have undergone rigorous Pre-selection and Peer review by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, vetted and found qualified to practice in Kenya.


The Council of Governors through its deputy chairperson Anne Waiguru pledged to support the Government’s Big Four Agenda. The CS thanked the Council of Governors, the Intergovernmental Forum and the Kenyan embassy in Cuba for their efforts that led to the agreement between the Kenyan and Cuban governments.