Govt announce 12 COVID-19, cases and one death Nairobi, Friday April 3, 2020

The government has tested a total of 362 samples in the last 24 hours, of which 12 people have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Out of this number  are 11 Kenyans and one a Somali National, bringing the total number of those who have tested positive for the disease in the country to 122.

The revelations were made  by the Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr. Mercy Mwangangi who also reported the death of a 6 year old boy who succumbed to the coronavirus disease bringing the total number of those who have died to four.

“This child had a pre-existing condition that causes immune suppression and affects the bone marrow, and just as we have been saying , when Covid comes in, it attacks those whose immune system is already compromised, the same situation that we experienced with the child,” she explained today during the coronavirus update.

The CAS disclosed that the 12 people who have  tested positive have already been moved into isolation in  the various health facilities and contact tracing has commenced.

The counties that have recorded the new cases  includes Kiambu, Laikipia and Nyeri Mombasa and Nairobi with the cases ranging between age 28 to 68 years, namely eight males and four females.

Dr. Mwangangi disclosed that out of the 12 positive cases, nine were detected in four designated quarantine facilities, while three are from suspected cases admitted in isolation units in various health facilities.

“To date we have managed to test 1433 samples from the individuals currently in quarantine facilities and we are now remaining with 617 individuals to be tested,” she said.

Todate the government has  monitored 1721 contacts and out of this number 1073 have been discharged. Currently, there are 648 contacts that are actively being traced.

The CAS noted that the government will continue with the level of preparedness and response and appealed to those who are hoarding oxygen cylinders to release them.

She also advised offices and business institutions to minimize the use of hard copies in their transactions and adopt the use of paperless mode especially for letters and other documents.

In order to boost the capacity in Counties, Dr. Mwangangi also urged all members of the County Assemblies to halt their conflicts with Governors during this period and focus their energies in equipping the County health facilities in order to aid in fighting the disease.

“This is not to say that proper scrutiny and accountability measures must be overlooked. In fact, to the contrary, the County Assemblies must ensure everything is done within the law, but the processes must not be delayed at the expense of procuring services in our county hospitals,” she stressed..

The Acting Director General of  Health Services Dr. Patrick Amoth added that based on the calculations, 25 to 30 percent of the cases are local transmissions.

He said the government has carried out capacity building for health care workers in all the 47 counties and now is  moving to the health management teams to be able to cascade training downwards to the sub county health management teams .

“We are having pockets all over in terms of distribution, all the way from coast to western and unless we take measures seriously we will have more and more pockets,” he warned and explained that if the clusters are not controlled they may merge into bigger clusters start snowballing effect and that is why government is firm in contact tracing.

“We have also been training the community health volunteers to strengthen  surveillance to be able to pick up symptoms of Covid 19 at community level,” he noted.

He revealed that in regard to the death of the 6 year old , the Government has taken necessary measures to prevent infection at KNH and quarantined of the staff that handled this particular case..

“We have also been in contact with Kenyatta National Hospital to ensure that, that  particular place has been disinfected and all those patients moved elsewhere even as we are in the  process  of  testing them.

According to Africa situation Algeria is leading with 986 cases, 86 deaths and 61 recoveries, followed by Egypt with 865 cases, 58 deaths and 201 recoveries.