Govt. managed equipment service rise capacity for screening illnesses

Geneva, Switzerland, May 25, 2017 – The Managed Equipment Service (MES) Project has improved capacity for screening, diagnosis and management of diseases, thereby improving clinical outcomes in Kenya.

The Project which was introduced by the National Government in 2013 has enhanced efficiency in the health system due to reduction in turn-around time for diagnosis and time spent in the referral process, said Dr. Cleopa Mailu, the Cabinet for Health during the GE Event for “Accelerating Healthcare development through Financing and sustainable partnerships” at Hotel InterContinental, Geneva on Tuesday.

Dr. Mailu said the MES Project has had tremendous impact to health service delivery in all parts of the country in terms of improved geographic access to healthcare and workplace environment and enhanced diagnostic capacity which has greatly increased the productivity of health workers.

“Specialized clinical and technical training has improved health workers skills and knowledge on the use of specialized equipment. More reliable and uninterrupted health systems by ensuring continuous availability of medical equipment through reduced downtime and timely rectification of faults,” said the CS.

The Government initiated the ambitious programme to upgrade hospitals by providing specialized, modern and state-of-the-art medical equipment in a bid to increase access to specialized health services countrywide thereby improving quality of health services and decongesting the main referral hospitals.

“The Government committed to invest 450 Million US Dollars towards the equipping of the public health facilities with modern state of the art equipment namely Theatre, Sterilization, Dialysis, Intensive Care and Radiology, under a public private partnership model,” the CS elaborated.

Under the MES program, the government entered into a long-term partnership with private providers for the period 2015 to 2022 to supply, install and maintain medical equipment in health facilities in Kenya.

The programme also has a training component for healthcare workers and to date a total of 98 Health facilities in Kenya have benefitted from the specialized medical equipment, the CS added.