The purpose of this website is to share good practices in health sector in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Ministry of Health (MOH) has worked with “Organizational Capacity Development Project for the Management of Devolved Health Systems in Kenya (OCCADEP)” funded by JICA from November 2014.

In 2014/15, MOH and OCCADEP awarded 8 counties for their good practices.  In addition, OCCADEP has been working with County Department of Health (CDOH) in Kericho and Kirinyaga in order to strengthen Mid Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) cycle management.  The below are some good practices that were implemented in Kericho and Kirinyaga that can be utilized in all counties for better management in the health sector.


1. Annual Work Plan (AWP)

AWP Handbook For Level 2&3 Health Facilities(PDF) and AWP Handbook For Level 2&3 Health Facilities (Word): A guide on developing AWP

Power Point Version of AWP Handbook For Level 2&3 Health Facilities: CHMT and SCHMT members can use this power point for sensitization to level 2-3 Health Facilities.


2. APR Development Process document


3. How to manage Facility Data


4. MTEF process guide

This report explains what is Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and the outline of the Process Guide (downloadable from below).

Tool 4.1: Planning, Budgeting and Performance Review Process Guide for Health Sector_PSC (PDF) and Planning, Budgeting and Performance Review Process Guide for Health Sector (Word): This book explains about MTEF cycle in details.

MTEF Cycle Calendar Ver3.2

01_MTEF Cycle Calendar Process part (Excel)

02_MTEF Calendar Figure (Word)


5. MTEF management tool

01_MTEFmgtTOOL_allcounties_V3.02_20190912: An Excel program tool for planning, budgeting, financial monitoring &reporting Ref.  01Ke_MTEFmgtTOOL_Kericho_V3.02_FY20-21&beyond 01Ki_MTEFmgtTOOL_Kirinyaga_V3.02_FY20-21&beyond

02_DataAggTool_V3.00_20190823: An Excel tool for consolidation of MTEF Management Tools under a given Sub-County and/or County Health Department

03a_UsersBooklet_MTEFmgtTool_201908  (PDF) &  03b_UsersBooklet_MTEFmgtTool_201908 (Word): A booklet for all users of the tool

04a_AdminBooklet_ MTEFmgtTool_201908 (PDF) & 04b_AdminBooklet_ MTEFmgtTool_201908(Word): A booklet for all administrators of the tool

05a_MTEFMgtTool_MaintenanceManual_201908 (PDF) &  05b_MTEFMgtTool_MaintenanceManual_201908 (Word): A manual for developers for the tool

06a_DataAggTool_MaintenanceManual_201908 (PDF) & 06b_DataAggTool_MaintenanceManual_201908 (Word): : A manual for developers for the tool


6. Health Sector Inter-Governmental Consultative Forum (HSIGCF)

 Review Report on HSIGCF (2013-17)

This Review Report analyzes the challenges faced in the 1st-10th HSIGCF and suggestions for way forward.

HSIGCF Operation Manual

This Manual standardized the operation of HSIGCF to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.


Mr. Wanjala Pepela,
M&E officer, Department of Policy Planning and Health Care Financing,
Ministry of Health


Ms. Shioko Momose
Chief Advisor,



Best Practice Report 2014/2015




Provision of MAMA kits to pregnant mothers and incentives to Traditional Birth Attendants to improve skilled deliveries

Service Delivery

Garissa County

Formation of a county commodity security/exchange team on Whats App social platform

Health Technologies and Products

Embu County

Logistics Management Information System

Health Technologies and Products

Kenya Medical Supplies Agency

Introduction of 24 Hours Trauma and Referral Hospital

Service Delivery Human Resources for Health

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Uasin Gishu County



Reduction of maternal mortality through mothers’s waiting home-Kiror

Service Delivery

West Pokot County