Health CS calls for sustained cooperation between County and National Governments


NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 6 – Health Cabinet Secretary Dr. Cleopa Mailu on Wednesday urged County Governments to continue working together with the National Government in ensuring that the transition of devolved health services was seamless.

Dr. Mailu, who was speaking during an intergovernmental consultative forum, observed that the devolution of health was a constitutional requirement and that the sector was one of the most devolved.

“It is essential that the two levels of Government cooperate, consult and collaborate on matters related to health, while respecting the provisions of the Constitution and devolution laws,” he said.

He added that a lot of progress had been made between the County and National Governments but there was need to protect and uphold these gains.

The Health Sector Intergovernmental Consultative Forum was launched in September 2013 and it has seen the two governments engage on how to best provide health services to Kenyans.

“We have shared best practices, information, challenges and possible solutions in the health sector,” explained the CS.

Since 2013, six consultative forums have been held.

Dr. Mailu revealed that during the last meeting, held on March 2 this year, five thematic committees were established.

“These thematic areas were Health Financing, Human Resource for Health, Health Products and Technologies, Health Service Delivery and PPP, and Joint Monitoring and Evaluation,” he said.

The last meeting also saw County governments urged to efficiently utilize their resources.

Dr. Mailu, at the time, reminded health care givers and County leaders that the two levels of government were responsible for the provision of quality health services.

“We have to share the achievements and blame in our sector. Kenyans just want services that are acceptable. They don’t know what is supposed to be done by County or National Government,” he said.

The CS further told attendees that Counties that were falling behind various health programmes would be supported so as to be at par with their counterparts.

“You and I have been given a chance to operate in a health sector that is changing. Know that your contribution has to conform to the responsibility that we have all been given,” he said.

Dr. Mailu has in the past also urged health care givers to be consistent, focused and to target resources to areas of maximum impact.