Health Ministry CAS identifies community health as avenue to achieve UHC. Nairobi (KENYA) October 15, 2019

Community health has been identified as a cost-effective avenue for achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Dr. Rashid Aman, Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Health said even though investing in a well-resourced and functional community health system requires significant initial expenditure,  in the medium term, countries stand to reap substantial and tangible direct and indirect health and other social benefits.

Speaking while opening the Global Health Practitioners Conference on Community Health today the CS said the Ministry of Health has developed a primary health strategy and is currently in the process of reviewing community health strategy, in recognition of the role played by community health in attainment of Universal Health Coverage.

He said some of the recommendations the Ministry has identified to implement include creating a sense of ownership and increasing motivation among community health workers through training, equipping and provision of stipends.

The Ministry is also in the process of digitising data collection at community level through adoption of mobile phone technology based e-health tools which will eventually sync data into national Kenya Health Information System database.

“Data collected will help support evidence based decision making such as rapid deployment of personnel to address disease outbreaks as well as support for weaker frontline health workers,”he added.

Kenya has adopted Universal Health Coverage as one of the “Big Four” priority agenda of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government with an aspiration that by 2022, all persons in the country will be able to use the essential services they need for their health and wellbeing through a single unified benefit package, without the risk of financial catastrophe.

Community health primarily focuses on preventive and promotive health interventions that prevent and address illness early, before conditions become complicated and more expensive to treat.

“It empowers households and communities to take charge of improving their own health thus mitigating infrastructural and human resource challenges, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa,”

he noted.

The Global Health Practitioners Conference, which is hosted by CORE Group’s is the first regional conference on Community Health, to be held in Kenya.

The Group promotes and safeguards health in communities and creates new models for reaching the most marginalized populations to end preventable maternal, new-born and child deaths.

One of the community health champions Prof. Mariam Were said there is a need to establish a global fund for community health services.

The conference brought together health workers, NGO, UN, the youth, WHO,  UNICEF, UNFPA, from 24

Countries coming together for community health results towards enhancing Maternal and Child health and UHC.



The Chief Administrative Secretary Dr.Rashid Aman delivers his key note address during the Global Practitioner Conference on Community Health at Safari Park Hotel












The Chief Administrative Secretary Dr.Rashid Aman interacts with Moi University Chancellor Prof.Miriam Were [ 2right]CORE Group Executive Director Lisa Hilmi [ right] among others during the Global Practitioner Conference on Community Health at Safari Park Hotel.