Health ministry marks 2017 World Malaria Day and sets target to distribute 15m mosquito nets

NAROK, Kenya, April 24, 2017 – The Ministry of Health has distributed 16 million mosquito nets across 36 counties between 2014 and 2016.  Health Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Cleopa Mailu said the distribution has provided protection to over 25 million Kenyans from the killer malaria disease.

“This year 15 million nets will be distributed through a mass campaign covering 23 counties to complement the routine distribution of bed nets through maternal and child clinics,” said Dr. Mailu in a speech read by the Director of Medical Services, Dr. Jackson Kioko during the World Malaria Day event on Tuesday in Narok County.

The CS acknowledged that malaria is still a public health challenge in Kenya with over 28 million persons at risk of infection with the rest of the population encountering the disease through travel and population movement.

‘’Malaria is a huge burden at community level, straining health care delivery system and affecting the overall economic growth of the country. It is with this background that malaria control remains a priority in the health sector,’’ he added.

Dr. Mailu noted that the Ministry of Health has embraced sound, scientific and evidence-based malaria interventions in-line with global recommendations, targeting areas with the high disease burden to have greatest impact and ensure cost-effectiveness and the realization of rapid results.

“This has resulted in a decline in upsurges and outbreaks of the disease across the country, and no epidemic has been reported in the last 10 years,” he remarked.

This year’s World Malaria Day theme is “End Malaria for Good”.