Kenya Family Planning uptake improves

Nairobi Monday November 11, 2019 – New reports show that 314 million women and girls are now using modern contraception in 69 low income countries.
The 69 lowest income countries are now showing greater access and support of family planning than before, the Family Planning 2020 report was launched today on the sideline of International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) in Nairobi.
The report says 9 countries are on track to surpass the FP2020 goals set for the growth in modern contraceptive use.
These countries are; Mozambique, chad, Cameroon, Kyrgyz Republic, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Sri Lanka.
In Kenya great progress has been made towards uptake of Family Planning.
“Modern contraceptives use by married women has exceeded its 2020 target of 58% ,” said Sicily Kariuki, the Cabinet Secretary for Health during the launch.
The CS who was represented by Dr. John Masasabi Wekesa, the Ag. Director General, Ministry of Health said the Government of Kenya is now focusing efforts to expand equitable access to quality family planning care at the county level besides making efforts to finance family planning budget allocation.
FP2020 supports the rights of women and girls to freely decide for themselves when, whether and how many children they want to have.
The latest report is part of the 25-year arc of progress that has lifted millions of women and girls since the Cairo Summit in 1994.
The report indicates that Governments and donors around the world are recognizing the importance of family planning programs with donor government bi-lateral funding rising.
 The number of additional users of modern contraception in the 69FP2020 focus countries has grown by 53 million since FP 2020 was launched in 2012, including 9 million additional users since last year.
As a result of modern use of contraceptive use, 119 million unintended pregnancies,21 million unsafe abortions and 134000 maternal were prevented last year alone.

Ag.Director General in the Ministry of Health Dr. John Masasabi delivers statement on behalf Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki during the launch of Family Planning 2020 at a Nairobi hotel