Kenya Receives Recognition for Innovative RMNCAH Scorecard Tool at AU Summit 2023

Addis Ababa, February 18, 2023 – The Republic of Kenya has been honored at the AU Summit 2023 for their innovative approach to improving reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCAH). Kenya’s decentralization of the RMNCAH scorecard tool to the county level and their collaboration with key partners have enabled them to make significant strides in reducing maternal and child mortality rates.

The RMNCAH scorecard tool is an essential tool for monitoring and evaluating the performance of healthcare providers and is crucial in identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. Kenya’s approach to decentralizing the tool to the county level has empowered counties to take ownership of their healthcare systems and implement targeted interventions that address the unique needs of their populations.
Through the RMNCAH scorecard tool, Kenya has been able to track and improve access to essential health services such as antenatal care, skilled birth attendance, and immunizations. They have also improved access to family planning services and increased the use of modern contraceptives.
Commenting on the recognition, CS Health Dr. Nakhumicha S. Wafula said, “We are thrilled to be recognized for our efforts in improving RMNCAH in Kenya. Our decentralized approach and collaboration with key partners have enabled us to make significant progress in reducing maternal and child mortality rates. We remain committed to our goal of achieving universal health coverage and will continue to work towards ensuring that every Kenyan has access to quality and affordable healthcare.”
Kenya’s approach to RMNCAH has not only improved health outcomes but has also served as a model for other countries to follow. By empowering counties and partnering with key stakeholders, Kenya has demonstrated that improving healthcare outcomes is possible, even with limited resources. Kenya’s recognition is well-deserved and highlights the importance of innovative and collaborative approaches to achieving universal healthcare for all.