Kenya’s New Nuclear Regulatory Authority Director General gets strong backing from Ministry of Health

Nairobi (Kenya), March 9, 2023 – The appointment of Mr. James Keter Chumba as the new Director General of the Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA) has received strong support from the Ministry of Health. Dr. Nakhumicha S. Wafula, the CS of Health, warmly welcomed Mr. Chumba and discussed the crucial role that KNRA plays in maintaining the quality of medical radiation facilities and practices.

During the courtesy call, Dr. Nakhumicha and Mr. Chumba discussed the importance of ensuring compliance with radiation standards and monitoring occupational exposure to personal radiation doses. The Ministry of Health is fully committed to supporting KNRA in its efforts, and KNRA Board Chairman Mr. Edick Anyanga also stressed the importance of ongoing collaboration with the Ministry.

With Mr. Chumba’s extensive experience as a nuclear scientist and technologist, KNRA is well-positioned to continue regulating the use of radioactive materials in various sectors, including healthcare, industry, agriculture, and research. The Ministry of Health’s support for KNRA is a positive development for the country, as it highlights Kenya’s commitment to maintaining safe and responsible nuclear practices.

With ongoing collaboration between the Ministry of Health and KNRA, Kenya can continue to ensure the quality of medical radiation facilities and practices while promoting the health and safety of its citizens.