Major Milestone for Kenya as Kemri launches Covid-19 and Malaria testing Kits

Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) has today put Kenya on the global research map following the launch of two major innovations namely: Covid-19 PCR testing kit and Malaria detection testing kit.
While launching the two kits, KEMCoV PCR Kit (for testing Covid-19) and PlASMOCHEK kit (for detecting malaria), Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr Rashid Aman described the innovation a major milestone for the country.
Dr Aman noted that the two kits will go a long way in improving Malaria diagnostics and COVID-19 disease detection, which remain foremost health challenges not just in Kenya but across the globe.
Aman launched the kits on Tuesday when he officially opened a four-day KASH Conference at a Nairobi hotel which has attracted over 500 participants with both physical and virtual attendance.
“I want to congratulate the team and leadership for having taken up the challenge by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta to come up with local solutions to our local problems,” added Dr Aman.
The CAS noted that the Ministry of Health will support Kemri with not only the continued production of the kits, but will also be the main consumers of the products to ensure continuous research and development.
Dr Aman urged the Kemri management to hasten the marketing of the kits by having them available in all public and private health facilities so as to lower the cost of the service they will provide.

He noted that the new Kemri malaria kit costing 60 shillings will be a major reprieve for users with the one currently in the market being charged by various hospital at about 300 shillings. On the other hand, the Covid-19 PCR kit which has been free of charge in public hospitals and in upward of 8,000 shillings in various private hospitals will cost 1,500 shillings.

Dr Aman said the latest research milestone needed to be celebrated and supported by all Kenyans and commended the Kemri leadership and the entire team of researchers and scientists behind the innovations.