More Doctors to be hired to help combat coronavirus Nairobi, Wednesday April 8, 2020

Nairobi, Wednesday April 8, 2020 –  The government will be hiring 500 doctors to help combat the coronavirus menace, Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Dr. Mercy Mwangangi has said

Depending on the availability of the local supply, the government may go an extra mile to source from international system and partners if need be, the CAS said today during the daily coronavirus media briefing at Afya House.

She disclosed that in appreciation of the risks placed on the health workers, the Government has set up a separate isolation and quarantine centres for the health workers and medical staff.

She called upon the private testing facilities to ensure they share their results with the government for purposes of record keeping and monitoring.

“This is a public health matter to ensure that all labs that are conducting testing follow the laid down protocol in terms of reporting any positive or negative cases,” Dr Mwangangi said adding that the Ministry is aware of the headlines being reported in the media on positive cases of coronavirus in parliament  and clarified that the ministry does not have any official communication on the same.

The government she added will be roll out mass testing in different institutions in the country and will clarify the situation in parliament once the communication is received.

She also noted that the government has enhanced the countries capacity to mass produce hand sanitizers and distribution is ongoing. “Our corporates such as Safaricom has offered to use their 175,00 agents to distribute masks and hand sanitizers while the Kenya prisons have agreed to make additional face masks . I encourage other institutions to come forward and give a hand in this epic fight,” she said.

The CAS also made a special appeal to those in possession of oxygen cylinders not in use to consider availing them to the government for the purposes of boosting its capacity in preparedness for any worse situation that may come.

“This disease has shown itself to be blind to our creed, status, colour, age and height and that is the reason why we have been calling for one-for-all-and -all-for-one approach to save ourselves,” she said.

Dr. Mwangangi also directed all salon and barber shop operators to wear face masks while attending to their clients and also avail sanitizers to their clients, ensure social distancing and practice basic hygiene in their operations.

Meanwhile, she announced that a total of 305 samples have been tested in the last 24 hours, out of which seven (7) people have tested positive for coronavirus bringing the total number to 179.

The seven people who are all Kenyans have been moved into isolation, Five are from Nairobi, one from Mombasa and one from Uasin Gishu . Two of the cases emanated from  mandatory quarantine facilities while five were picked by the surveillance teams.

Contact tracing of the seven cases , four female and three male is ongoing , and so far a total of 2004 persons have been monitored  out of which 1426 have been discharged and 578 are currently on follow up .