President announced recovery of one from COVID-19 Nairobi, March 25, 2020

President Uhuru Kenyatta today confirmed three more cases of coronavirus bringing the total to 28.

Making the announcement the President disclosed that one patient has recovered from COVID-19.

He noted that numerous other suspected cases have been found to be negative after testing

The President has also directed a daily curfew across the country from 7pm to 5am from  Friday, limiting movement to essential service providers to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country.

In support of the fight against COVID-19 the President announced a 100% tax relief for people earning a gross of 24,000 as well as reduction of PAYE from 30% to 25%, resident income tax/Corporation tax from 30 to 25% and reduction of turnover tax for SMEs to 1% from 3%.

He also encouraged  the private sector to clear all outstanding payments and directed KRA to expedite the payment of all verified VAT claims, amounting to 10 bn KES within 3 weeks, or allow offsetting of VAT to improve cash flows.

At the same KES 1bn from universal health coverage kitty has been set aside to immediately recruit additional health workers to help manage spread of COVID 19.

“Social distancing must be our new way of life, until we conquer this pandemic,” the President said.