Prevention of mental illnesses at the primary health care for the attainment of the Universal Health Coverage.


Nairobi, Wednesday March1, 2023 Principal Secretary Ministry of Health, State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards Dr. Josephine Mburu has today had a meeting with representatives from Johnson and Johnson led by Mr. Bassem Haidar, Country Director Sub Saharan Africa and Syria to discuss strategies to address mental health issues through community programs to create awareness, implementing preventive interventions and enhancing access to affordable care.

The PS emphasised the need for awareness creation and advocacy in order to end the stigma associated with Mental Health as it is the major barrier to seeking care. She called for sustained public mental health literacy to create awareness and combat stigma.

She said the government will focus on address mental health challenges through community mental health programs focused on improving population mental wellbeing. “This will help mitigate risks factors, screening and early effective interventions for people with common mental illnesses like schizophrenia.” She said.

The PS also noted the need for capacity building for primary mental care and said that the government will work with relevant stakeholders to train and provide technical guidance to primary care providers and community health workers on evidence based and effective interventions. Thus decentralising and integrating access to the primary care level.

She also said that the Government is keen on strengthening mental health systems to support implementation of Kenya Mental Health policy 2015-2030, this she said enable a sustainable structure and systems for mental health aimed at achieving Universal Health Coverage UHC.

The PS also informed that the Government will adopt the use of digital technology in the provision of tele-mental health services which will increase access to services, promote public education and timely psychosocial response in crisis interventions and support innovative communities programs to improve access to quality care and recovery oriented empowerment projects. Johnson and Johnson has collaborated with the Ministry of Health in advancement of mental healthcare, they assured their continued support.