Principal Secretary Eng. Peter Tum Joins Global PEPFAR Team for COP Planning on HIV/AIDS Response



Johannesburg (South Africa), February 28, 2023 – Eng. Peter Tum, the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Medical Services, joined the Global PEPFAR team for the COP planning for HIV/AIDS response for the planning period 2023-2024. This is a significant step towards Kenya’s commitment to end HIV/AIDS as a disease of public health importance by 2030.
During his remarks, the PS highlighted the need for a disruptive change in strategy to address new HIV infections among young people. He also emphasized the government’s commitment to eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV and urged PEPFAR and other partners to support Kenya’s vision of attaining Universal Health Coverage through a Primary Health Care approach.
Kenya has made great strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS over the years, with a significant reduction in new infections and an increase in access to antiretroviral therapy. However, there is still more work to be done, especially in addressing new infections among young people and eliminating mother-to-child transmission.
The partnership with PEPFAR and other stakeholders is crucial in achieving Kenya’s goal of ending HIV/AIDS as a disease of public health importance by 2030. Through this partnership, Kenya aims to ensure access to quality and affordable healthcare for all its citizens, with a focus on primary health care.
The PS said the State Department of Medical Services is committed to working with all stakeholders to achieve Kenya’s health goals, including ending HIV/AIDS, improving maternal and child health, and achieving universal health coverage.