Principal Secretary for Medical Services tours Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital

Nairobi Kenya, March 16, 2023 – The Principal Secretary State Department of Medical Services, Eng. Peter K. Tum, today went on a familiarization tour of the Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH). During the tour, the PS had a meeting with the board chairperson, Prof. Olive Mugenda, and later on met with the senior management team of the hospital.
The PS expressed his appreciation for the excellent services being offered by the KUTRRH team and commended them for their great strategic plan. He challenged the team to be pioneers in research, particularly in non-communicable diseases.
The Ministry of Health, through KUTRRH, is committed to ensuring that Kenyans have access to 24-hour top-notch cancer treatment at affordable costs. The PS urged the hospital to continue working towards this goal and to become a center of excellence in cancer research and treatment.
KUTRRH is a state-of-the-art hospital that offers comprehensive healthcare services to Kenyans. The hospital is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services, conducting research, and training healthcare professionals. It has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals who are committed to providing the best care possible to their patients.
In conclusion, the PS’s tour of KUTRRH demonstrates the Ministry of Health’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services to all Kenyans. The Ministry is proud of the work being done by KUTRRH and will continue to support the hospital in its mission to become a center of excellence in healthcare.