Proposed, Transforming Health Systems for Universal Health Care 2016-2021

The Ministry f Health, in consultation with stakeholders, is designing a new World Bank supported Project titled Transforming Health Systems for Universal Health Care. This Project is to implemented from 2016-2021.

The Project will focus on:

  1. Improving the delivery and utilization of quality Primary Health Care (PHC) services at the county level with a focus on Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescents Health (RMNCAH).
  2. Strengthen institutional capacity to better deliver quality PHC services.

The Ministry of Health has also developed a Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Framework (VMGF) to ensure inclusivity and equity during design and implementation of the proposed Project. This VMGF establishes an appropriate gender and inter-generationally inclusive framework that provides opportunities for consultation at each stage of project preparation, implementation and monitoring with the affected Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups. Free and prior informed consultation of the vulnerable and marginalized communities leading to broad community support will be conducted at each stage of the project, and particularly during project preparation, to fully document their views and ascertain broad community support for the project

The Ministry of Health is now disclosing the VMGF framework after developing it through an inclusive process that involved engagement of vulnerable and Marginalized Groups.

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