PS Health urges Africa to set its own health agenda besides global goals

NAIROBI, Kenya, 8 March 2017 – Africa faces unique health challenges & should prioritize its own health agenda, besides meeting global health targets.

Health Principal Secretary (PS), Dr. Nicholas Muraguri said Africa should prioritize investments in the health sector to enhance capacities for implementation of interventions that will contribute to realization of Social Development Goals  and Universal Health Coverage.

“Governments and partners should improve health infrastructure and align budgets to the principles of primary health care,” said the PS during the closing of the Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC), 2017 in Nairobi.

He pointed out lack of funding and up to date scientific technology to diagnose and treat major illnesses and emerging diseases as major bottlenecks in the African health landscape .

“We need to strengthen our public health systems through investment and ensure access to clean water, nutrition, decent shelter and evidence-based public education,” he urged.

He also observed that inadequate staffing, lack of appropriate skills, poor staff attitude, low morale and weak supervision undermines the provision of quality public health services especially at rural health facilities.

He called on African Governments and partners to improve health infrastructure and align budgets to the principles of primary health care.

“Solution to Africa’s health challenges will be found in responsive and resilient Community Health systems, Health Care Financing, Innovation, Technology for Health Systems and Global Health Security Initiatives for threat preparedness,” said the PS.

The youth he added are primary stakeholders of the health agenda given that most African countries have over half of their populations comprising people below the age of 35.