PS meets HAINLifescience representative to discuss their support in TB testing and diagnosis

Nairobi Tuesday February 28,2023. Today, HAIN Life Science leaders paid a visit to Dr. J. Mburu, the Principal Secretary for Public Health and Professional Standards at the Ministry of Health in Kenya, to pledge their support in TB testing and diagnostic technology.

“ As disease patterns and diagnostic technology continue to evolve, the Ministry recognizes the importance of continued capacity building to keep up with the trends, that’s why we are grateful to #HAINLifescience for their continued support to the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL) in Kenya, which has been instrumental in TB testing and diagnostic technology and services”, the PS said.

Hain LPA collaborates with the NTRL to test and diagnose tuberculosis in Kenya. With the decentralization of the NTRL-Kenya TB testing services, HAIN has extended their support to Kitale Regional Lab, Machakos, Malindi Regional Labs, and Kemri Kisian. We remain committed to supporting Kenya’s public health initiatives and improving healthcare outcomes in the region.