Strengthening preventive, promotive, and community health services in Key to Universal Health Coverage, PS


Nairobi February, 24, 2023

The Government of Kenya and Development Partners are working together towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through concerted efforts.

The Principal Secretary of the State Department of Public Health and Professional Standards, Dr. Josephine Mburu, met with the Health Director of USAID Kenya, John Kuenhle, to discuss strategies for strengthening preventive, promotive, and community health services as key drivers for UHC.

During the meeting, Dr. Mburu reiterated the government’s commitment to working with all stakeholders towards providing better healthcare services to Kenyans. She emphasized the need for more support in priority areas such as Human Resource for Health (HRH) and digital health information systems.

USAID has been a key player in the Kenyan health sector, committing approximately $250 million towards the prevention and control of HIV and Malaria, promotion of child and maternal health, and Global Health Security.