The ABC of the Chanjo system

As Kenya ramps up its covid-19 vaccination efforts, immunization registration and monitoring has remained key in the country’s vaccine National deployment plan., an innovative system developed by local techies, is helping the country manage its vaccination programme proving a core component in the roll out plan.
The self-service portal is providing an interlink between the ministry of health and the public where those seeking services can access healthcare planned for them by the government.
According to Dr. Joseph Sitienei, head of the health sector monitoring department at the ministry of health, the interface was created by the government to assist reduce errors and ques witnessed as people try to access vaccination.
“This particular service will enable the client to be able to capture their details the best way they understand them. Be it their ID numbers, names or date of birth. This will reduce the errors that we have been getting as we move ahead during this vaccination period.” opines Sitienei.
Among the services currently available on the self-service portal is schedule for Covid-19 vaccination as well as generation of Covid-19 vaccination certificates.
Sitieneni says the system, which will be improved further to offer more services, will also assist clients plan for hospital visits besides assisting health facilities plan for those seeking services.
To access the services, one is required to enter the URL https//
The system has designated some fields as mandatory, meaning that you should make sure you enter them correctly before trying to submit the form.
The first name, middle name and the last name are details that will appear on the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
The gender as well as the date of birth will appear on the Covid-19 certificate as filled in the system.
One is also expected to provide contact information. The contact number should be authentic as it will be the one used to send notifications after receiving the first dose and reminders on when the next dose is due.
The country of origin is also required as well as identification type and details. One is required to provide the document when visiting a health facility for vaccination. The identification is what will appear on the certificate as well.
While the allergies and conditions section is optional, it is recommended that one indicate any pre-existing conditions that those administering the vaccines needs to know about.