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Cabinet Secretary For Health Commends Role Of Private Hospitals In Providing Quality Healthcare In Kenya

Cabinet Secretary For Health Commends Role Of Private Hospitals In Providing Quality Healthcare In Kenya

Nairobi (Kenya), March 1, 2023.
Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for Health, Dr. Nakhumicha S. Wafula, has highlighted the critical role of private hospitals in delivering quality healthcare to the country. During a meeting with officials from the Kenya Association of Private Hospitals, the CS reiterated the government's commitment to supporting and protecting private hospitals in their provision of essential healthcare services to Kenyans.
Private hospitals are essential in expanding access to quality healthcare in underserved areas where public healthcare facilities are inadequate. As the country strives to achieve universal health coverage, private hospitals will be crucial in bridging the gaps in access to quality healthcare.
Dr. Wafula emphasized that the government is committed to working closely with private hospitals to improve the overall health system in Kenya. This includes supporting policies that streamline the process of obtaining operational permits and reduce the regulatory burdens that private hospitals face.
The officials of the Kenya Association of Private Hospitals, led by CEO Dr. Elizabeth Gitau and Chairperson Dr. Abdi Mohamed, expressed their willingness to support the government in its healthcare agenda. They called on the Ministry of Health to introduce policies that ease the bureaucratic hurdles that private hospitals face when seeking operational permits from both the national and county governments.
The CS's commitment to supporting private hospitals is a positive step towards achieving universal health coverage for all Kenyans. It is essential that the government continues to collaborate with the private sector to create an enabling environment that supports the growth and development of private hospitals.
By working together, the government and private hospitals can provide affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services to all Kenyans, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location.