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Cabinet Secretary For Health Inaugurates New Board of Management for Kenyatta National Hospita

Cabinet Secretary For Health Inaugurates New Board of Management for Kenyatta National Hospita

Nairobi, Kenya- May 3, 2023 

The Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nakhumicha S. Wafula, took a significant step towards achieving universal healthcare for all Kenyans by inaugurating the new board of management for Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). 
The ceremony symbolizes a crucial milestone in Kenya's healthcare system, underscoring the pivotal role of key institutions like KNH in realizing the country's ambitious healthcare goals.
During her address at the inauguration ceremony, the Cabinet Secretary emphasized the importance of institutions like KNH in Kenya's journey towards universal healthcare. She reaffirmed the government's unwavering commitment to supporting the management of KNH in fulfilling its mandate and providing quality healthcare services to all Kenyans.
"KNH is a cornerstone of our healthcare system, and its role in achieving universal healthcare cannot be overstated," stated the Cabinet Secretary. "As we strive to ensure access to healthcare for all Kenyans, it is imperative that institutions like KNH are equipped and empowered to deliver comprehensive and high-quality services."
The Cabinet Secretary expressed her confidence in the capabilities of the newly appointed board members and extended her best wishes to them in their new positions. Acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead, she conveyed optimism in their ability to navigate them and lead KNH towards greater achievements.
Universal healthcare remains a top priority for the Kenyan government as it endeavors to ensure that every citizen has access to affordable and quality healthcare services. The inauguration of the new board of management for KNH signifies a significant stride towards realizing this ambitious goal and paves the way for further advancements in the healthcare sector.
The board of management at KNH will play a vital role in implementing strategic plans, fostering partnerships, and ensuring the efficient operation of the hospital. Their responsibilities include overseeing patient care, implementing innovative healthcare practices, and promoting research and training opportunities for medical professionals.
As the largest referral hospital in East and Central Africa, KNH holds a crucial position in specialized medical care, research, and training. With the steadfast support of the government and the dedicated efforts of the new board, the hospital is poised to enhance its services further and make substantial contributions to the nation's healthcare landscape.
This inauguration sets a firm foundation for the pursuit of universal healthcare in Kenya, and the government remains committed to realizing this vision. The newly inaugurated board members bring a wealth of expertise and experience that will undoubtedly propel KNH towards even greater success, ultimately benefiting all Kenyans in their quest for quality healthcare services