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Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha Urges Action on Healthcare Challenges at 14th KEMRI Conference Nairobi, 13th February 2024

ย The 14th Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Annual Scientific and Health (KASH) Conference commenced today at the Safari Park Hotel, marking a significant milestone in advancing healthcare innovation and research across the region.

ย Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Nakhumicha S. Wafula, underscored the urgent need to address critical healthcare challenges through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.

ย Under the theme, โ€œHarnessing Biomedical Research Innovations and Big Data for Health System Resilience, Local Manufacturing, and Commercialization,โ€ the Cabinet Secretary emphasized the imperative to translate research outcomes into tangible health products to benefit communities effectively.

The conferenceโ€™s focus on regional biopharmaceutical and medtech innovation echoes the Cabinet Secretaryโ€™s call to action, emphasizing the importance of collaborative ventures to drive transformative change in healthcare delivery.

ย Discussions on building a robust regulatory framework for health product and technology (HPT) manufacturing align with the Cabinet Secretaryโ€™s emphasis on establishing enabling environments for the growth of the health manufacturing sector in Kenya.

ย Celebrating KEMRIโ€™s achievements, the CS lauded the institutionโ€™s recognition as Kenyaโ€™s premier health research institution and its global impact through groundbreaking studies.

Notably, the recommendation by the World Health Organization for the use of the RTS, S/AS01 malaria vaccine underscores KEMRIโ€™s commitment to excellence in research and its contribution to combating pressing health challenges.

Moreover, the conference highlighted KEMRI's efforts in capacity building through the KEMRI Graduate School, which equips young scientists with the necessary research skills and knowledge to address the evolving healthcare landscape in the African region.