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Charting The Path to Universal Health Coverage: Post Launch Analysis

Nairobi October,27,2023 Principal Secretary State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards Mary Muthoni met with the Head of Directorates 

today for  post-launch analysis of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). They discussed strategies for advancing the Key pillars of UHC as follows:

1.) Human Resources for Health: The discussion emphasized the importance of regulating healthcare cadres to ensure high-quality health services.

2.) Health Products and Technologies: The roadmap for enhancing local manufacturing capabilities was a central point of discussion, with the goal of procuring 50% of Health Products and Technologies (HPTs) from local sources by 2026.

3.) Health Financing: Innovative strategies were explored to maximize the impact of healthcare investments and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

4.) Primary Health Care: Plans were made to stimulate demand for healthcare services, especially with the establishment of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), in preparation for the growing demand for these services.

The goal of this analysis is to work towards equitable and accessible healthcare for all Kenyans, with the dedication of the team and support from partners, the path to UHC is clearer now than ever before.