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Chatting a Path to Resilient Public Health System

Nairobi ,2023 In a bid to facilitate efforts towards achieving resiltient public health systems for prompt emergency response, Principal Secretary, State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards has  chaired a stakeholders meeting on the planned establishment of two groundbreaking centers—the World Health Organization (WHO)Regional Emergency and Logistics Hub and the Africa CDC Regional Collaborative Centre(RCC). 

The meeting discussed critical aspects of the actualization of the initiatives;resource mobilization emerged as a central theme, with a focus on financial commitments, technological support, and the pooling of expertise from the Government and concerned organizations 

They also explored project management strategies, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in utilizing resources effectively. 

The PS noted that the establishment and operationalisation of the WHO Regional Hub and Africa CDC Regional Collaborative Centre is not merely a symbolic gesture but demonstration of a collective commitment to advancing healthcare in Kenya and Africa.

"The centers are envisioned to become beacons of innovation and collaboration, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources among nations. The impact on health will be transformative, with joint research initiatives, rapid response capabilities, and strengthened public health infrastructure significantly improving outcomes across the region." Said PS Muthoni.