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CS Nakhumicha S. Wafula Champions Tree Planting at Kakamega Forest Event.

Kakamega, Kenya June 2, 2023 - Today, Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha S. Wafula represented Prime Cabinet Secretary H.E Musalia Mudavadi at the annual Kakamega Forest Tree Planting exercise. The event, organized by the Kakamega Forest Heritage Foundation, aims to support the national government's ambitious goal of planting 30 billion trees by 2030, contributing to forest by restoration and conservation for a cleaner and more sustainable ecosystem. The planting of trees plays a vital role in mitigating the severe effects of climate change.
The Ministry of Health, has been actively promoting a shift from curative to promotive and preventive healthcare. Trees, being a source of clean water and healthy diets, are crucial in achieving this objective. They play a significant role in creating a healthier environment and supporting the overall well-being of the population.
During the event, the CS also urged local residents not to be swayed by misinformation regarding the proposed finance bill without first thoroughly reading its contents. She took the opportunity to highlight some proposals in the bill related to health, such as tax exemptions for manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. These measures will contribute to reducing the costs of essential vaccines and pharmaceutical products, benefiting the public by making them more accessible.
CS Nakhumicha was accompanied by her counterpart, CS Florence Bore from the Ministry of Labour, Kakamega Woman Representative Elsie Muhanda, and a host of local leaders and environmental conservationists.
By emphasizing the health-related provisions in the proposed finance bill, the CS aimed at encouraging public awareness and engagement in matters concerning healthcare and finance. It is essential for citizens to stay informed about proposed legislation to actively participate in shaping policies that directly affect their well-being, she said. 
The Cabinet Secretary's call for responsible decision-making reinforces the importance of being well-informed and actively participating in the democratic process. Understanding the proposed finance bill will enable the public to provide valuable input and contribute to the development of sound policies that address the nation's healthcare needs effectively.