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Directorate of Public Health Joint Work Plan Meeting Aims to Fortify Public Health Strategies and Collaboration

Diani -9,2024 In a bid to bolster Kenya's public health architecture, the Directorate of Public Health and Sanitation, in collaboration with the National Public Health Institute, have convened  a pivotal Joint Work Plan Meeting.

This gathering, attended by Development Partners and Counties, seeks to synchronize efforts in Disease Surveillance and Response, Environmental Health, Emergency Operations and Disaster Response Management, Public Health Emergency Operations, Laboratory Services,Port Health Services,Food Safety and Field Epidemiology & Laboratory Training.

Speaking during the opening of the workshop,Acting Director for the Directorate of Public Health Dr. Kamene Kimenye noted  that the initiative not only aligns partner activities with government health priorities for more impactful outcomes but also aims to demystify the pivotal role of the National Public Health Institute in Kenya. 

She said that by fostering collaboration and leveraging available resources, the united front is poised to fortify public health functions, paving the way for a more resilient and responsive health system in the face of emerging and re-emerging threats.