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Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility in Samburu County: Government's Commitment

Samburu, Kenya - 7th October 2023 - The Government, through the Ministry of Health, is actively working to enhance healthcare accessibility in Samburu County. 

This initiative involves the creation of new healthcare facilities and the upgrading of existing Level One hospitals to better cater to maternal and child healthcare needs. 

The process has already commenced with the site handover for the proposed Pura Maternity and Child dispensary in Samburu West Location, Loosuk Constituency, Samburu County. 

Samburu County has encountered several challenges, including its remote geographical location, limited road infrastructure, and deep-rooted cultural practices that sometimes lead mothers to rely on traditional birth attendants instead of seeking professional medical care. 

Moreover, many communities are situated far from healthcare centers, resulting in delayed or insufficient care for pregnant women. Under the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (Beta) the national government has taken steps to address this issue by launching Community Health Promoters.