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Global Support and Cooperation Emphasized by Dr. Patrick Amoth to Tackle Healthcare Challenges Amid Workforce Shortages

Geneva, , 2023 - In a panel discussion held at a Side Event of the World Health Assembly (WHA), Dr. Patrick Amoth, the Acting Director General of Health in Kenya, highlighted the importance of global collaboration and digital solutions in addressing epidemics, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and potential pandemics. The event, titled "From Hype to Health: Digital Solutions that deliver value," was hosted by Geneva Devex and Medtronic Labs at the Intercontinental Hotel on , 2023.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Patrick Amoth emphasized the need for support and cooperation among nations as a global community to tackle the challenges faced in the healthcare sector. He acknowledged that the current workforce is insufficient to effectively address the growing burden of health issues. Therefore, he stressed the significance of leveraging digital solutions to bridge the gap and enhance global health outcomes.

Dr. Amoth outlined the utilization of digital solutions as a core strategy in Kenya's healthcare system. The country aims to employ digital approaches at the community level to collect comprehensive socioeconomic data for informed decision-making. By harnessing the power of technology, the Kenyan health authorities seek to create a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem.

To facilitate this digital transformation, Dr. Amoth highlighted the ongoing efforts in Kenya's parliament to pass a digital hub bill. This legislation aims to harmonize digital systems and establish a framework that supports the integration of various digital solutions into the healthcare infrastructure. Such initiatives are expected to enhance data capture, analysis, and utilization, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for the population.

The panel discussion at the WHA76 Side Event provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss and exchange ideas on the role of digital solutions in healthcare. It highlighted the importance of international collaboration and innovative approaches to tackle global health challenges effectively.

As countries worldwide strive to strengthen their healthcare systems, the remarks by Dr. Patrick Amoth serve as a reminder of the critical role that digital solutions and global cooperation play in achieving improved health outcomes for all.