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Health Cabinet Secretary Advocates for Primary Healthcare Access at AmCham Business Summit

Nairobi, Kenya - 24th April 2024 -  During a panel discussion on Health and Life Sciences at the AmCham Business Summit in Nairobi, Health Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha S. Wafula emphasized the critical role of expanding access to Primary Healthcare (PHC) in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kenya. 

The CS  highlighted PHC as a cornerstone of accessible and comprehensive high-quality healthcare, essential for realizing transformative UHC. 

She elaborated on Kenya's UHC roadmap, which includes pillars such as PHC, human resources for health, health financing, health commodity security, and integrated health information systems. 

 The enactment of the PHC Act 2023 aims to institutionalize PHC and Community-Health Services (CHS), providing a legal mandate for implementation and financing. 

 Additionally, the government's launch of 200 primary care networks (PCNs) seeks to enhance synergy and resource utilization for delivering quality healthcare services. 

 The CS stressed the importance of shifting from treating illnesses to promoting wellness in communities, aiming to bring healthcare closer to homes through a network of support extending from basic community facilities to advanced medical centers. 

 The AmCham Business Summit serves as a platform for stakeholders to establish strategies, innovations, and collaborative efforts to strengthen health systems and explore financing mechanisms for sustainable investments in health.