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Health Cabinet Secretary Prioritizes Smooth Healthcare Transition and Equality at NHIF Town Hall

Nairobi, Kenya - 27th November 2023 - Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha S. Wafula has reaffirmed her commitment to ensuring a smooth transition within both the Social Health Authority (SHA) and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

ย During a town hall meeting with NHIF staff today, the CS emphasized the paramount importance of staff welfare and benefits. She highlighted the establishment of the Social Health Authority and the enactment of the Social Health Insurance Act, identifying these as crucial steps towards achieving healthcare equality for all Kenyans.

ย Recognizing these measures as pivotal in guaranteeing accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare services in alignment with constitutional rights, she called for active participation, collaboration, and unified support from all stakeholders. The Cabinet Secretary stressed the collective effort required to realize this transformative milestone within Kenya's healthcare landscape.

Commending the dedication of individuals since NHIF's inception in 1966, she underscored the significance of recently enacted legislative measures, including the PHC Act, FIF Act, SHIA, and Digital Health Act. These legislations play a crucial role in reshaping Kenya's healthcare landscape.

Emphasizing the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda, she highlighted the necessity of collective efforts towards achieving Universal Health Coverage, digitalizing health services, and ensuring the success of Universal Social Health Insurance Coverage. Assuring a smooth SHA and NHIF transition, she reiterated her commitment to staff welfare and equitable treatment.