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Health CS Emphasizes Digitization and Collaboration at Ministry of Health

Health CS Emphasizes Digitization and Collaboration at Ministry of Health

Nairobi, Kenya, April 20, 2023

The Ministry of Health is taking steps to enhance efficiency and transparency through digitization and collaboration, according to Health CS Susan Nakhumicha. 
In an address to newly appointed directors and heads of departments, the CS emphasized the importance of going paperless and leveraging technology to improve operations across all aspects of the ministry.
"We need to prioritize digitization and build bridges at the Ministry of Health," said the CS. "Going paperless and leveraging technology will enhance efficiency and transparency in our operations." She also highlighted the need for mutual cooperation and assistance among directorates to identify and address any issues affecting the ministry's operations.
In addition to digitization and collaboration, the CS reiterated her open-door policy, encouraging the heads of departments to visit her and her team to create synergies that benefit everyone in the ministry and the public. She also acknowledged the significant contribution of the principal secretaries in reorganizing the ministry to make it more efficient.
The newly appointed directors and heads of departments were congratulated for their appointments and commitment to enhancing service delivery to the public. The CS encouraged everyone to work together, collaborate, and prioritize digitalization to enhance the ministry's operations and better serve the public.
The ministry's commitment to digitization and collaboration is in line with the presidential directive on the digitalization of services, which seeks to streamline government operations and enhance transparency. By leveraging technology and collaboration, the Ministry of Health aims to enhance service delivery to the public and improve the health outcomes of Kenyans.