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Health CS Emphasizes Urgent Collective Action to Combat Cancer Threat

Taita Taveta, Kenya - 29th January 2024 - Health CS Nakhumicha S. Wafula has underscored the imperative need for collective action in tackling the escalating threat of cancer during the National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month event at Mwatunge grounds.Β 

Nakhumicha outlined measures to address the challenge, including comprehensive coverage of screenings, diagnostics, and treatments under the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), with a significant allocation earmarked specifically for cancer care.

Β With an annual requirement of approximately Ksh. 46 billion, the SHIF aims to fortify cancer care services, encompassing screening, diagnostics, treatment, and ongoing support like rehabilitation and palliative care.

The event also highlighted the urgent imperative to eliminate stigma surrounding cancer, a barrier often hindering timely diagnosis and treatment, particularly for prevalent cancers like cervical and breast cancer.

The CS urged Gender, Culture, Arts, and Heritage CS Aisha Jumwa to leverage her office’s influence in combatting cancer, advocating for heightened awareness, early detection, and equitable access to quality treatment.

The call to action comes amidst a surge in cancer cases in Kenya, underscoring the critical need for concerted efforts to comprehensively address the disease and provide robust support to affected individuals and families.