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Introducing the Baby-Friendly Community Initiative (BFCI)

26- The Division of Family Wellness Nutrition and  Dietetics is currently  hosting the Baby-Friendly Community Initiative  Learning Forum (BFCI) with a key focus on enhancing infant health and well-being.

The initiative prioritizes creating an environment conducive to optimal infant nutrition, with a strong emphasis on promoting breastfeeding, community hygiene, and healthy feeding practices.

The  forum brings together stakeholders to  discuss  initiatives aimed at fostering supportive environments for breastfeeding, increasing awareness about its benefits, and addressing the various barriers and challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers.

The convening will also  explore strategies for empowering Community Health Promoters (CHPs) to advocate for nutritious dietary practices within their communities. 

This proactive approach underscores the Division's unwavering commitment to promoting evidence-based practices and nurturing supportive environments for families, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of infants and their caregivers.


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