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Kenya Achieves a Significant Milestone in Nuclear Safety: Launch of IAEA Postgraduate Course

Nairobi Monday October 2, 2023 Today, we celebrate a remarkable achievement in nuclear safety as Kenya inaugurates the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Postgraduate Education Course in Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources for English-Speaking Countries. During the launch at Kenyatta University, Principal Secretary for State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, Mary Muthoni, highlighted the course's critical importance given the wide-ranging applications of radiation sources in modern life, including medical diagnostics, industry, agriculture, and energy generation.

The IAEA estimates that there are over 500,000 sealed radiation sources worldwide, with a significant increase in diagnostic radiology procedures in Africa. The PS also emphasized Kenya's pursuit of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which has led to a surging demand for healthcare services, including radio-emitting equipment. This underscores the imperative need for rigorous radiation protection measures, she noted.

Kenya has already enacted the Radiation Protection Act and the Nuclear Regulatory Act, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to nuclear safety through international accords. The launch of the IAEA postgraduate course in radiation protection marks a momentous step forward, providing training to 22 students from 13 countries and contributing to the global pool of over 2,200 graduates. Kenya now proudly holds the distinction of being the 10th country globally and the 2nd in Africa designated as the Regional Centre for Training Radiation Professionals for English-Speaking countries.