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Kenya And The Netherlands Strengthen Ongoing Cooperation In The Health Sector.

Kenya And The Netherlands Strengthen Ongoing Cooperation In The Health Sector.

Nairobi Kenya, March 16, 2023

Kenya and the Netherlands have a longstanding diplomatic relationship that has led to their collaboration on various development projects. One area of ongoing cooperation is in the health sector, where the two countries are working together to improve healthcare in Kenya. The Cabinet Secretary for Health, Dr. Nakhumicha S. Wafula, on Thursday met with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Maarten Brouwer, to discuss their ongoing cooperation.
One of the most significant contributions from the Dutch government was the donation of 750,700 doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in November 2021. This donation has been instrumental in Kenya's fight against the pandemic. Additionally, the Dutch government has previously supported infrastructure improvement in 23 hospitals throughout Kenya and engaged in discussions to enhance health security and address potential risks for biological warfare.
Currently, there are partnerships between various organizations in both countries to implement health projects in Kenya, including childhood cancer and increasing access to healthcare for vulnerable communities. Looking to the future, the two governments plan to advocate for strengthening direct government-to-government cooperation and promoting local manufacturing of essential health products.
The ongoing cooperation between Kenya and the Netherlands in the health sector is a testament to their strong diplomatic ties and their commitment to improving healthcare for all.