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Kenya and WHO Partner To Establish Regional Emergency Hub in Nairobi

Kenya and WHO Partner To Establish Regional Emergency Hub in Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya, April 24, 2023 

In a historic moment for Kenya and the African Region, the Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr. Nakhumicha S. Wafula and the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Representative, Dr. Abdourahmane Diallo signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a WHO Regional Emergency Hub for Eastern and Southern Africa in Nairobi.
The establishment of the hub comes at a critical time when the African Region is facing an increasing number of health emergencies ranging from disease outbreaks to natural disasters, which threaten to reverse years of health and development progress in the region.
The MOU sets the framework for cooperation and understanding between the Government and the World Health Organization and determines the general terms and conditions towards the establishment of the hub.
At the signing ceremony, the Cabinet Secretary for Health thanked the WHO for its decision to establish the hub in Nairobi, recognizing the critical importance of preparedness and response in the face of health emergencies. The hub will serve as a modern storage center for essential medical equipment and consumables that will ensure timely logistical support to countries with emergencies in Eastern and Southern Africa, said the CS. 
Additionally, the hub will house a center of excellence specialized in capacity building in health and crisis emergency management. “Through this partnership with WHO, Kenya will have access to the organization's global network of experts, knowledge, and resources, and will be able to leverage the latest innovations and technologies to improve response times and the ability to provide essential healthcare services during emergencies,” she noted. 
The WHO country representative also commented on Kenya's leadership in global health in Africa, stating that the government has prioritized health, and WHO is ready to support Kenya in unpacking public health. The WHO representative Dr. Diallo emphasized the importance of making a difference in people's health and recognized Kenya's leadership in tobacco control. The representative also mentioned that Kenya chaired the executive board of WHO last year.
Furthermore, the WHO representative highlighted that the emergency hub is the first of its kind in Africa and commended the commitment shown by the Kenyan government in providing the land for it.
With the establishment of this hub, Kenya is better equipped to protect the health and well-being of its people and respond to emergencies with speed and efficiency. It is a significant step towards achieving the goals of strengthening health systems and improving preparedness and response to health emergencies in the African region