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Kenya Climate Change and Health Strategy, 2023 - 2027 Unveiled at #COP28UAE

Dubai Sunday December 3, 2023 At COP28's dedicated event on Climate Change and Health, Kenya showcased a proactive commitment to combatting climate change with the unveiling of its groundbreaking strategy. The First Kenya Climate Change and Health Strategy, 2023 - 2027, took center stage, aligning climate action with health objectives.

The urgency of addressing global health impacts, with keen focus on vulnerable populations was emphasized. The session highlighted the imperative of cross-sector cooperation and partnership with environment, energy, water, agriculture for effective implementation.

The event concluded with a call for global stakeholders to support transparent approaches, underlining the commitment to climate and health funding in alignment with global agreements.

 This narrative aims to influence policy by placing health at the forefront of climate actions during COP28, recognizing health as the human face of climate change.