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Kenya Ensures Ample Oxygen Supply as Institutions are Equipped During COVID-19

Nairobi, Kenya -  , 2023 - Kenya's efforts to bolster its oxygen capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic have yielded positive results, eliminating any shortage concerns. Speaking during the World Blood Donor Day event in Muranga County Health Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha S. Wafula said multiple institutions have been equipped with oxygen plants, ensuring a steady supply of this life-saving resource.
“Under the support of USAID, Kenya has received assistance in enhancing its healthcare infrastructure. USAID has played a crucial role in establishing oxygen plants in various facilities, further strengthening the country's capacity to meet the rising demand for oxygen,” she stated. 
The successful implementation of these plants and the collaborative partnership between Kenya and USAID reflect a proactive approach to safeguarding public health. The availability of oxygen in medical facilities remains a top priority, and Kenya continues to monitor and adapt to any evolving needs.
This milestone achievement highlights Kenya's commitment to building resilience in its healthcare systems and ensuring a robust response to future challenges.