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Kenya's Government Takes Measures to Combat Malaria and Improve Healthcare Services

Kenya's Government Takes Measures to Combat Malaria and Improve Healthcare Services

Nyamira, Kenya, April 25, 2023 

Kenya has made significant progress in the fight against malaria, thanks to the government's concerted efforts to combat the disease. At a World Malaria Day event held today, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Dr. Nakhumicha S. Wafula, reported that the government has distributed over 16 million mosquito nets, carried out indoor residue spraying of mosquitoes, and ensured that anti-malaria drugs are available in all public health facilities. The government has also hired community health volunteers, now known as community health promoters, to help boost preventive healthcare.
The event, attended by CS Education Ezekiel Machogu, PS public health and professional standards Dr. Josphine Mburu, WHO country representative, and others, saw Dr. Wafula promise to equip the Ekerenyo Sub County Hospital and seek partners to help upgrade the over 40-year-old Nyamira County Referral Hospital, emphasizing the importance of providing quality healthcare to all Kenyans.
Despite the progress made, malaria remains a significant health burden in Kenya, causing an estimated 4.4 million cases and 12,000 deaths in 2019. The emergence of an invasive malaria mosquito, Anopheles stephensi, threatens increased risk of malaria transmission to urban populations. Additionally, a reduction in malaria funding and threats of resistance to medicines and insecticides also pose challenges.
"To address these challenges, the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for increased investments in domestic financing, multi-sectoral collaborations, and community engagement and participation," said Dr. Abdourahmane Diallo, WHO Kenya representative. The WHO also called for the expansion of evidence-based interventions, decentralization of programs to the county and community levels, and incorporation of human rights and gender equity.
As Kenya continues to invest and work towards a malaria-free future, it's clear that progress is being made. However, it is crucial that the government and its partners remain vigilant and committed to tackling the challenges that threaten to blunt the country's successes in the fight against malaria and improving healthcare services for all Kenyans.