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Ministry of Health Begins Deployment of 1270 Diploma Clinical Officer Interns

Nairobi, Kenya -  On March 21, 2024, the Ministry of Health initiated the process of assigning interns to various healthcare facilities nationwide. 

Medical Services Principal Secretary, Mr. Harry Kimtai, urged striking doctors to end their strike and resume work during the event held at Afya House.

Adan Harakhe, Director of Administration at the Ministry’s State Department of Public Health and Professional Standards, oversaw the distribution of release letters to 1270 Diploma Clinical Officer Interns from a pool of 3752 across 6 cadres. 

The event at Afya House marked the commencement of their mandatory practical training.

Harakhe reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to seamless healthcare services delivery and vowed to review internship policies to ensure graduates provide high-quality healthcare services as mandated by the Constitution of Kenya 2010. 

 Dr. Sultani Matendechero, Deputy Director General for Health, emphasized the importance of health promotion and disease prevention during internships. George Gibore, Secretary General of the Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (KUCO), lauded the government’s efforts to improve medical personnel welfare. 

 Internship entails a one-year hands-on training for Clinical Officers, supplemented by six months of specialized training upon completion of the Higher Diploma, ensuring compliance with legal requirements for practice after graduation.